NEOCUTIS (neo-cute-tis) means NEW SKIN.


NEOCUTIS was specifically developed over years, for meeting the challenge, treatment and healing of pediatric burn victims. NEOCUTIS is able to help heal skin, the largest and vulnerable organ of the body, by using a proprietary blend of exclusive peptides and growth factors. NEOCUTIS does not test on animals. It is non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested, free of color, dyes and fragrance.

What does this mean to me?   

NEOCUTIS not only is an ideal gentle post-procedure surgical or laser care, it is also premier luxurious with growth factor technology. This non-scented line builds up your healthy protective skin barrier with PSP, as well has building blocks to your own collagen, and with the bounce-back ability of your skin’s elastin. These begin dissipating in our 20’s, and are important in maintaining youthful, healthy skin.  Ask us about the line!

Per NEOCUTIS, their skin care allows them “to deliver innovative skincare solutions that address key skincare concerns, including the signs of aging, discoloration, oxidative stress, skin redness and dryness.”

NEOCUTIS is exclusively available through physicians.   At the office of surgeon Dr. Kristin Tarbet, we are proud to offer our clients the following medical skin technologies, developed by Swiss medical researchers and contains the following ingredients:

Inteleukins – Proteins that are messenger molecules between cells. They help to regulate cell growth, immune responses and reduce inflammation, thus creating “beautifully ageless skin.”

Peptides – Strings of amino acids, proteins already present in our skin and must work together with the skincare recipe to be effective, helping us again generate collagen firmness and improved texture.

All products contain these ingredients.

Human Growth Factors – Communicate with your skin to boost healthy cell growth. They promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin to soften, firm and strengthen skin. Aging skin makes less human growth factors than in your youth.   All products contain this ingredient.

MPC – Micro Protein Complex. The cream of the crop! This special protein and lipids nourish your skin and wonderfully builds collagens I, III and VII, for youthful appearance and fullness, Elastin for firmness, and Hyaluronic Acid which allows your skin to increase, hold onto and maintain lost moisture.

Other ingredients include green tea to improve firmness of skin, algae extract  with stable vitamin C to combat internal and external stress, free radicals and visible fine lines and wrinkles. Argon oil and Jojoba oils help restore moisture together with hyaluronic acid.   See products below:


Pairing NEOCUTIS with Our Other Product Line

Neocutis is a perfect complement to our medical grade skin care ZO skincare or Obagi skincare, especially for patients looking for the retinol skin cell turnover of Medical ZO skincare and the barrier and proteins, collagen and elastin renewal of Neocutis skincare. All these lines contain the conditioning ceramides (lipids).