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Spend Your Tax Refund on Yourself!

woman touching nose smile with clean and fresh skin If you are one of those lucky ones getting a tax refund this year, you no doubt have a list two or three pages long concerning what that refund could be used for. New tires? Reseeding the lawn? How about having that surgical procedure you’ve been dreaming of for years?

Plastic surgery

Have you been feeling a bit old lately? A facelift procedure can help to tone and tighten skin, giving you a youthful, fresh look. A brow lift can perk up drooping eyes and remove wrinkles. Eyelid surgery can remove excess tissue around the eyes, which makes you look younger by reducing wrinkles, puffiness, and bags; it can also get rid of tissue that might keep you from seeing properly. The neck is an area where it can be difficult to get rid of fat – a neck liposuction procedure can get rid of this fat so that you don’t look like you are older than you really are.

Nonsurgical procedures

If you aren’t quite ready for a surgical procedure, there are other ways to deal with wrinkles and blemishes. There are different fillers available, some of which help to reduce wrinkles and others that help to give lips and cheeks more volume.

There are also nonsurgical ways to deal with acne, other scars, blemishes, and sun-damaged skin, and there are ways to remove unwanted hair and tattoos and to restore lost hair.


If you aren’t interested in plastic surgery or even a filler, Amara Medical Aesthetics also has a variety of products to give you gorgeous skin and to protect it from the elements. These products can help to liven up dull, tired skin and can reduce redness, large pores, wrinkles, and dark circles. They even offer a complimentary skin care consultation to help you find the product that is right for you.

You work hard all year long and you deserve to have that procedure or product you’ve been dreaming of. These are just a few procedures you have to choose from that are available at Amara Medical Aesthetics in Bellevue, Washington. Reward yourself by using your tax refund to get that procedure you’ve always wanted. Call (425) 455-2131 today!

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