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What Is Microneedling?

istock 1148067797 1 Collagen is a very important protein in the body. It keeps ligaments, bones, and tendons healthy, and it also makes for beautiful nails, hair, and skin. Microneedling is a way to encourage skin to make more collagen (and thus “new” skin).

Read on for some other information about this procedure.

  • In microneedling, new collagen is made when tiny needles – some as small as .5 mm – are used to prick the skin. The needles only just break the surface of the skin, but it is enough to stimulate new collagen to grow. New collagen means skin that is brighter, smoother, and firmer.
  • The procedure is mostly used on the face. It can be used to help skin that is wrinkled, scarred, or has large pores. It can also be used on stretch marks and for treating sunspots.
  • Microneedling has been in use for almost 30 years but is just now growing in popularity. Sometimes microneedling is paired with a hydrating serum, or another type of serum, for maximum results.
  • Microneedling is minimally invasive, and there is no downtime required afterwards for recovery. At most, the majority of patients will have minor redness and irritation for a few days.
  • It may take up to six treatments for best results. Each treatment will last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour.
  • After a microneedling treatment, treat your skin with care for the rest of the day. Stay out of the sun, don’t let your skin get too hot by exercising strenuously, and don’t sweat too much.
  • Microneedling is considered safe, as long as the patient is in good overall health. It isn’t safe for pregnant women or for those who use certain kinds of acne medicine.
  • If you haven’t responded to other procedures or home treatments (such as peels), microneedling may do the trick. If you are thinking it might be time to schedule cosmetic surgery because nothing else has worked, perhaps it is time to give microneedling a try!

Microneedling is a quick, noninvasive way to give your skin new life. If you are interested in microneedling, make an appointment at Amara Medical Aesthetics in Bellevue, Washington. Call (425) 230-4999 to schedule a consultation today!

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