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Our facial skin doesn’t have it easy. It’s exposed at all times to the sun and the elements. That’s especially true with our active lifestyles in the Pacific Northwest. Throw in the yearly decline in collagen production that’s a part of natural aging and the relentless pull of gravity, and our faces show the effects.

Still, many people aren’t ready for a surgical facelift, and the various laser and radiofrequency treatments don’t always provide the rejuvenation in the cheeks, jowls, and neck that patients want.

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Now Dr. Tarbet has an additional alternative — a Silhouette InstaLift. The Silhouette InstaLift uses completely dissolvable surgical threads to lift and suspend sagging facial areas such as the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jowls, and neck. The threads also stimulate an inflammatory response that builds collagen for a secondary benefit.

What is a Silhouette InstaLift?

The Silhouette InstaLift is new to Amara Medical Aesthetics, but it isn’t a completely new treatment. It has been used in Europe for almost 15 years. In the U.S., the FDA approved the procedure in 2015. Over that time, Dr. Tarbet has been able to research the procedure before making it available to our patients from Bellevue and the Seattle area.

The Silhouette InstaLift uses dissolvable threads that have a series of tiny cones spaced down the thread. To perform the InstaLift, Dr. Tarbet inserts the thread through a tiny incision and places the thread under the skin where the cones anchor it into place, lifting and suspending the skin and tightening the area. The results provide a subtle facelift, but without the surgery and downtime. Beyond the threads’ instant lifting characteristics, as the threads begin to be absorbed, they also trigger a wound response, with the fibroblasts in the body producing new collagen in the area, further tightening the skin above.

Who is a good candidate for a Silhouette InstaLift?

Dr. Tarbet has found the best candidates for the InstaLift to be in the early stages of facial and jowl laxity. Although they cannot provide the degree of lifting as a surgical facelift, the InstaLift provides subtle rejuvenation in the cheeks, jowls, and neck areas. The procedure is especially good for those who’ve had a previous facelift but are starting to see some sagging again due to aging. For patients with more extensive skin sagging, the Silhouette lift is probably not the best option. A surgical facelift can better address more significant sagging. Also, if you have especially thin skin in the areas mentioned above, this isn’t a good treatment, as the threads and cones could be visible on the surface.

Where areas can be treated with a Silhouette InstaLift?

These are the areas where the InstaLift most effective:

  • Jowls along the neckline
  • Drooping skin under the chin
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds from the nostrils to the mouth
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The benefits of a Silhouette InstaLift

These simple procedures with Dr. Tarbet provide moderate lifting and rejuvenation of the areas listed above without any incisions, potential scarring, or recovery. They can be compared to a facelift, although of course, an InstaLift cannot deliver the same amount of rejuvenation. Still, these are impressive treatments for what they can deliver for our Amara Medical Aesthetics patients.

How is a Silhouette InstaLift done?

Dr. Tarbet performs these procedures. The first step is to determine the locations where the Silhouette InstaLift coned threads will provide the best lifting. Dr. Tarbet then marks these sites on your face and neck. The insertion spots are numbed with topical anesthetic, and the threads are gently inserted under the skin to a depth of around 5mm. Once the sutures are in place, she can lift the sagging skin with the bi-directional cones on the thread. They lightly grab and intertwine with your natural tissue.

The entire procedure takes less than an hour.

Is there recovery after having an InstaLift?

Some bruising and swelling are common after the insertion of the threads, but this should resolve itself in 3-7 days. To allow the threads to intertwine with your tissue effectively, it’s best to avoid strenuous exercise or exertion for a week.

What are the threads used for an InstaLift made from?

The secret to the Silhouette InstaLift is the suspension sutures. People wonder if it is safe to place these under the skin. The threads are made from the same material used for over three decades in various biomedical applications. It is called glycolide L-lactide, a biomedical copolymer long used for dissolving sutures, and it is completely accepted by the body. In fact, as the body slowly absorbs the threads, it creates the secondary collagen stimulation of the procedure.

How long after my InstaLift will I see my results?

You’ll notice a difference immediately upon leaving our Bellevue offices after your procedure. These results continue to improve as the Silhouette threads and cones integrate with your skin. This is the lifting portion of your results as the cones work to hold the skin in a higher, firmer position. From there, the body’s reaction to the threads is to produce collagen in the area. This further enhances the skin tightening.

As time passes your body eventually absorbs the threads.

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How long will my results last from my Silhouette InstaLift?

Results from these procedures at Amara Medical Aesthetics last for about two years. At that point, the body will absorb the dissolving sutures and cones as described above. Dr. Tarbet can then place new threads and cones to continue your rejuvenation.

How is an InstaLift different from a PDO thread lift?

Dr. Tarbet performs both of these procedures, the Silhouette InstaLift and a PDO thread lift. We find that the InstaLift threads and cones provide more lifting, while the NovaThreads used in a PDO thread lift provides more collagen stimulation as they dissolve. If you’re wondering which procedure is right for you, Dr. Tarbet will discuss both during your consultation and recommend which she feels will best suit your unique needs.

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