As a skilled oculofacial plastic surgeon, Dr. Kristin Tarbet performs many brow lift surgeries. As we age, our brows can become heavy and gravity begins to take control, which may make you look angry or have a tired look. Heavy brows can droop over your eyelids, which can also obscure your vision as your skin and muscles lose strength.

Dr. Kristin Tarbet will ensure that your brows will still maintain their natural appearance. It is common for inexperienced surgeons to place brows too high, causing a more surprised look for patients. Dr. Tarbet’s technique ensures that your brow will maintain the natural curvature you have always had in your youth and sits just above the orbital ridge to give you a natural look.


“Absolutely one of my favorite procedures to perform because it offers such an immediate, visible result with very little downtime – and no scar! Everyone simply looks more youthful.” – Dr. Kristin Tarbet