Waxing and Tinting Procedure

Are you looking for a quick yet efficient way to achieve the perfect brows? At AMARA, our Waxing and Tinting Procedure combines both our Waxing and Tinting services into one, allowing our Master Aestheticians to help you achieve the defined eyebrow look you’ve been wanting.

What is Waxing and Tinting?

Waxing is an aesthetic procedure that comes as an alternative to tweezing and shaving unwanted hair, providing longer lasting results. Tinting is a procedure where permanent dye is applied to the hairs (such as on eyebrows or lashes) leaving a more defined brow look. While AMARA offers both procedures separately, having waxing and tinting done at the same time can help save you time and money, while also achieving a low-maintenance, longer-lasting look for your brows.

What are the benefits of Waxing and Tinting?

If you’re someone who doesn’t have time to keep up with the daily maintenance of your eyebrows, Waxing and Tinting will help make your life easier. Some benefits of this 2-in-1 procedure are:

  • Low-cost alternative to tweezing, plucking, or shaving eyebrow hairs
  • Daily eyebrow maintenance turns into a once-a-month procedure
  • Eliminates the need for brow makeup and naturally highlights the shape of your brows
  • Waxing leaves skin smoother and softer, eliminates razor marks or burns when shaving
  • Keeps your brows looking sculpted and defined for up to 4 weeks

How long will the Waxing and Tinting Procedure take?

Our Master Aestheticians, all of whom have had years of extensive training and experience, strive to make each procedure for our clients as comfortable as possible. For the best waxing results, we recommend patients arrive with hair length at about ¼ inch long, but not over ½ an inch. After your brows are waxed, shaped, and sculpted, the tinting procedure will involve the application of permanent dye to your hairs. This process takes about 20-30 minutes as the dye is left on for about half an hour. Once the dye is carefully rinsed off, your brows will be permanently tinted!

How long will my results last?

While the hair dye we use for tinting is permanent and will not wash out, it is natural that eyebrow hairs fall out naturally and grow back about once a month, with new un-tinted hairs taking their place. Because of this we recommend coming back every 4 weeks to maintain your look!

Why choose AMARA Medical Aesthetics?

At AMARA, we’re focused on providing the best, high-quality cosmetic services to our clients as we utilize unique treatment plans tailored to every individual. As a double board certified plastic surgeon who has been based in Bellevue, Washington for over 20 years, Dr. Kristin J. Tarbet leads a team of highly experienced, extensively trained professionals who are ready to help you achieve your aestheic goals. Contact AMARA today to schedule your appointment: (425) 455-2131

Read what our patients are saying:

Grateful to Dr. Tarbet to get this all taken care of so nicely, the results are beautiful and appreciate all that was done so well.

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