Say Goodbye to Damaged Skin With Excel V Laser Treatments

Excel V laser treatments Having happy, healthy skin isn’t just a surefire to look better as you navigate your day-to-day life; it’s also bound to make you feel even better. But with those benefits comes the struggle to maintain the health of your skin through the many things in life that can diminish its natural luster. That’s why countless people turn to Excel V laser treatments in Bellevue, WA in order to keep their face, neck, and chest blemish free.

“And what exactly is it that Excel V laser treatments do?” you may be asking. Well, here’s the answer:

Corrects Skin Redness and Discoloration

Skin redness and discoloration are more common than people would like. From pigment disorders to vascular birthmarks, there are various skin blemishes that may be causing you distress or dissatisfaction with your skin. Thankfully, the innovative laser light used in Excel V laser treatments is able to correct most vascular redness and discoloration before you know it.

Reduces Dilated Blood Vessels and Rosacea

Likewise, this same laser technology is able to help reduce the visibility and intrusion of dilated blood vessels and rosacea. Dilated blood vessels can be safely and painlessly collapsed and shut tight, which in turn causes them to vanish from the look of your skin. In the same way, Excel V laser treatments also combat and clear up the excessive facial veins that are present in the skin of those with rosacea.

Eliminates Bruises, Warts, Scars, and Sun Damage

Finally, this treatment is also capable of freeing your face, neck, and chest of any bruises, warts, scars, and sun damage that won’t seem to go away or fade with time. Both bruises and warts often disappear if given time to heal. However, those that continue to reappear may benefit from Excel V laser treatments. On the other hand, scars and sun-damaged skin are often blemishes people are stuck with for a lifetime, but as you can see, that no longer has to be the case!

Excel V Laser Treatments in Bellevue, WA

So, if first-class laser treatment for any face, neck, or chest blemishes you have is in your future, there’s none more qualified than AMARA Medical Aesthetics’ very own Dr. Tarbet. Conveniently located in beautiful Bellevue, WA, your laser treatment is just a call away at 425-455-2131. Schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeons in Bellevue, WA today!

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